Developing Your Business


Our advice is not restricted to compliance matters of tax, legislation and rules. Understanding your business and giving you feedback and opinions on decisions you are looking to make are part of our daily work.

We encourage our clients to communicate with us as it not only keeps us up to date with the clients business but also gives us the opportunity for input into the decision making.   Providing an alternative opinion or just making the client stop and think before making a decision will help make sure that the correct decisions are made.

After 30 years of working with clients, we are proud of our record in being able to work with and assist in the growth of our clients business.




Casey Partners for a number of clients prepare financial reporting packages on a monthly or quarterly basis. These packages include financial reports and analysis of Key Performance Indicators and trends in business performance.

The reports also include the ability to undertake ‘what if’ analysis to evaluate the impact of certain business decisions.

Ongoing financial reporting also enables assessment of business performance against financial budgets.

Casey Partners is able to prepare fully integrated three way financial projections incorporating projected Profit and Loss, Projected Cash Flow and Projected Balance Sheet.

The ongoing measurement and projection of cash flow is becoming more and more critical in business performance and decision making.