Kick Back and Relax


Whether you are looking at retirement/sale in 1, 2, 5 or 10 years doesn’t really matter, planning is the key to achieving not only an exit but achieving a business of optimum value, ie. a business in a condition able to be sold is worth infinitely more than one with limited succession capabilities.

Having worked to maximise the proceeds from the sale of your business, implementing your estate planning, providing appropriate advice for your Self Managed Superannuation Fund from Super Strategies or providing the appropriate financial planning and investment advice through Casey Wealth Advisers you can kick back and enjoy a well deserved retirement.




Estate planning is more than just the preparation of a Will. Historically a couple would prepare Wills leaving their assets to each other. However, in modern times there are numerous issues which may no longer make such Wills appropriate. Why?

  • More and more assets are being owned outside of a persons will. E.g. Assets held in trusts or superannuation funds.
  • Families are becoming more fractured and blended. E.g A couple may now have children of current and previous marriages.
  • The propensity for people to live together in less permanent relationships.
  • Increasing complexity of the tax laws and the ability to structure in a more beneficial way to pass assets to beneficiaries.