Maximise Proceeds from Your Business


Casey Partners specialize in dealing with small and medium sized business clients.  We work with our clients to maximise sale value and structure contracts to access the best after tax result, which may involve accessing the various small business CGT concessions.

The appropriate structure of a sale can save many thousands of dollars and we have advised on sales which have resulted in savings in excess of $1million.




Maximise wealth from selling your business

Are you looking to sell your business? Have you established a succession plan?

If so, it could be a good time to review the systems in the business to determine whether improvements can be made. Most businesses will require a complete review of a number of key factors, which will contribute towards the achievement of a satisfactory sale value.

We can assist in getting your business ready for sale and provide our services to determine the sale value of the business.


Super Strategies SMSF BerwickSelf Managed Superannuation Funds

Super Strategies Pty Ltd is a member of the Casey Partners Group consisting of a team of professionals dedicated to Self Managed Superannuation Fund (SMSF) management reporting and advice.

Super Strategies will ensure that your SMSF’s reporting is compliant with legislative requirements and provides relevant and up to date reporting of your SMSF’s assets and member benefits.  The information available to you on the overall fund and individual asset performance will allow the Trustees to make decisions based on the most up to date information available.

Super Strategies will arrange for live reporting of your SMSF and, where possible, direct feed of transactions and performance.  With our sub-authorised representatives of GPS Wealth Ltd, Super Strategies can provide clients with the advice on a SMSF.

The preparation of accurate financial statements and tax returns, together with all necessary information, to enable the independent audit of the fund to be undertaken efficiently and with full compliance is a priority of Super Strategies.

SMSF’s are one of the fastest growing areas of investment for retirement in Australia.  It is also one of the most complex areas and there are pros and cons in regards to whether a SMSF will be appropriate for a client.

Super Strategies is a Corporate Authorised Representative of GPS Wealth Ltd and a wholly owned subsidiary of Casey Partners and will ensure that your SMSF is provided with the appropriate Financial Advice to suit a client’s circumstances.

Katherine Hose and Callen O’Brien are Sub-Authorised Representatives of GPS Wealth Ltd and look after both our Super Strategies Advice and Administrative functions.

For clients who require more holistic advice to cover non-Superannuation areas, our affiliated Financial Planning firm Casey Wealth Advisors are highly experienced and fully accredited Financial Planners who can provide specialist Superannuation advice, as well as individual financial planning advice.

Casey Partners will undertake the following SMSF functions for our clients:

  • “Live” financial reporting of investments and member balances
  • Annual compliance, including Financial Statements, Tax Returns and compliance Audit
  • Education of Trustees as to their obligations and legal requirements.

Super Strategies is authorised to provide advice to clients on the following matters:

  • Set up and winding up of a SMSF
  • Investment allocation strategies
  • SMSF borrowing arrangements
  • Pension start up’s and Transition to Retirement strategies
  • Contribution strategies.

Callen O’Brien Sub-Authorised Representative (no. 1246146) & Katherine Hose Sub Authorised Representative (no.1245148) of Super Strategies Pty Ltd, Corporate Authorised Representative (no.1245149) of GPS Wealth Ltd | AFSL 254 544 | Australian Credit License 254 544 |  ABN 17 005 482 726 |



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