Maximise Business Value


Are you looking to grow your business further?

Assessing the current performance of your business will provide an insight as to whether your business is ready to grow, and will help identify those areas of your business growth will come from.  We have a wide range of resources to assist clients in understanding the performance results of their business and to make decisions for improvement.

Through Casey B2B we are able to offer a number of structured offers to assist clients, develop, monitor and grow their business.

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Looking to acquire another business?

Are you looking to grow your business by acquisition?  Is your business ready to do this, and is the business you are looking to buy right for your business strategy?

Assessing the current performance of a business that you are going to purchase is vital.  We will help you determine whether the acquisition is going to achieve the results you are after.

Our review will establish the value of potential acquisition and, if necessary, will extend to undertaking a due diligence review to a level suitable for the size of the acquisition.

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Irrespective of whether your intention is to sell your business or not, the business is best structured in such a way as to maximise its value. A structure which easily facilitates a transition of the business to new owners is seen as a positive in a business valuation equation.

A structure that enables a transition of the business to new ownership despite having no intention to sell would be advantageous in the event of a requirement to sell in unforeseen circumstances.

Often business owners are looking to sell their business to either third parties, management or even other family members. Identification of an appropriate business succession plan, structuring and identifying likely hurdles is best done well in advance to maximise the likelihood of a successful transition. These issues need to be handled with discretion and sensitivity.

Casey Partners have over many years helped their clients with a transition of business to new owners.




We can help plan and instigate changes to your business which will have an immediate and lasting positive impact on the value of your business.


  • Implementation of an appropriate organizational structure removing reliance of the business on equity owners.
  • Development of appropriate Job responsibilities.
  • Development of Corporate Governance policies and procedures
  • Timely and reliable Accounting systems enabling real time financial reporting.
  • Development of the business culture and team responsibilities.
  • Focus the business on what a purchaser will want and pay maximum value for, including business systems, brand and interlectual property asset security

We will focus you on what will maximize your business value.